The Dangers of Dying Your Eyelashes

Women who decide to tint their lashes make the mistake of believing that this lash enhancing technique is just as easy as dying your hair. Those who undergo these types of procedures are women with blond, spare, or short eyelashes. However, not having the long, luscious eaves that others have should not rush you into making a bad decision, because there are many ways to mess up, and make your lashes even more thin than they were before. Here are the dangers of dying your eyelashes.

Why shouldn’t you tint your eyelashes?

The biggest worry that specialists have regarding using dye to enhance the eyelashes is referring to blindness. Despite what beauty salons administrators are claiming, there are no such things as coloring agents, or color additives for improving the aspect of the lashes. Furthermore, there hasn’t been found a natural formula for tinting eyelashes yet, so all dyes contain dangerous chemicals for the eyes. Another important aspect that you should know is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration never approved the use of hair dyes for enhancing lashes. So, this is the type of information that should get you thinking about the risks that you expose to by tinting your eaves.

The adverse reactions of dying your lashes

Since there isn’t a natural or organic eyelash dye on the market, the adverse reactions of tinting your lashes with hair dye are plenty. Although professionals from beauty salons might encourage you to use this enhancing technique, they can not assure you that you won’t suffer any side effects, because they can’t possibly know how every person reacts to a certain beauty product. Among the most serious allergic reactions that this practice causes we can find eye irritations, inflammations and infections. However, the greatest danger of dying your lashes is blindness.

A safer way to longer, luscious lashes

The only safe method to highlight your lashes and make them more prominent is to use an eyelash growth serum. You can also use mascara, but in time, using this type of cosmetic can damage your eaves, causing them to dry and fall out. Plus, if you are searching for longer-lasting results, an eyelash growth serum is the best solution for making your lashes fuller and more voluminous. Therefore, we advise you read some reviews, find a good product and consistently use an eyelash growth serum that will help you improve your look without causing any side effects.