2015 Hair Color Trends

Finding the perfect color for your hair can help you highlight your best features, making you look more beautiful than ever. For example, if your eyes are green, you can compliment them by using a dark color to dye your hair, and if they are black, you should consider blonde as a way to make their beautiful, mysterious color more obvious. Blue eyes can look stunning when they are surrounded by red hair, so the rules that you need to follow are simple. Still, there are many shades of blonde, brown and red that you can choose between. In order to ensure that you will make the best choice, we present you the 2015 hair color trends.

Blonde hair with caramel highlights

Blonde remains one of the most popular colors among women’s choices, which is why hairstylists have included new shades and nuances in their presentations. Caramel infused with gold is a combination that can add a warm touch to a woman’s appearance, softening her look and making her look more glamorous. So, we advise you to use undertones of blonde, red and brown for your next makeover, because that will help you make a style statement that will draw everyone’s admiration. The greatest advantage of choosing caramel blonde for your hair color is that all the different shades of color will add more texture and volume to your hair, making it look fuller and thicker.

Red hair highlights

Redhead women look very exotic and adorable, but not everyone is lucky enough to be born with natural red hair. If you find yourself in the same situation, we advise you to follow one of the latest 2015 hair color trends, and dye your hair using both natural and bold shades of red. Furthermore, gold and rose tones of red are very popular at this moment, so they can work miracles for someone who wants to change her image and achieve a modern look.

Pastel hair colors

The most popular 2015 hair color trends encourage pastel hues like pink, purple, green and blue to break the monotony of a boring hairdo. So, if you want to achieve the same look that celebrities have, you should direct your attention towards beautiful, pale colors that can make a big difference in your aspect. We recommend those who want to create a unique aspect to go for block coloring, as there are many interesting shades that can make regular people feel like they are on the red carpet. Mermaid blue and pastel pink promise to be the most popular hair colors this year.