A Step by Step Guide to Curling Hair – How to Use Hot Rollers

Women have always considered bouncy and curly hair to be extremely appealing so they have always used their personal tricks to get big and voluptuous curls. There are many ways to style straight hair into waves or curls, from curling irons to using the hairbrush and hair dryer. One of the most attractive and efficient ways is to use hot rollers that diffuse heat to force the hair to remain in a curled position. The rollers are not only very easy to use but also provide a long-term result that out-passes other methods. However, the success is based on using them the right way so we give you a complete guide to preparing your hair and using hot rollers.

What are hot rollers?

It’s known that heat can make hair stay in a different position than its own shape because it modifies its structure and takes away the moisture that influences the type of hair. Rollers have been used for ages by women who wanted to style their hair for a later time. Regular rollers need to be put on moist hair and you can even leave them overnight to allow the hair to dry in that position. Stylists noticed that using the dryer to accelerate the drying process would create curls faster but the time and effort needed were considerably increased. This is how hot rollers were designed, a combination between regular rollers and a hair drying device that would fasten hair curling.

The biggest advantage is that you can have lasting curls in a fraction of the time needed for normal rollers to curl even the longest hair. They come in various sizes and, as you probably guessed, the bigger the diameter, the bigger the curls. If you have short hair or very fine hair, you will need the smallest version while long and coarse hair will look stunning on larger hot rollers. Make sure you purchase quality sets from reputable brands that also design other hair styling tools because this way, you will know you will not endanger the health and beauty of your hair. Getting those bouncy and lasting curls is a matter of knowing how to properly use the rollers so here is where to start.

Know what you buy

Not all rollers are equally qualitative and buying a poor set can offer disappointing results. This is why it’s important not to get stingy and invest in good products. Follow our tips to know what to buy.

  • The rollers come in sets of up to 20 pieces of two or three different sizes so you can use them for various hair lengths and types. The best ones are made of ceramic that is very delicate to the hair and protects it against heat damage. The soft velvet texture ensures a good grip on the hair and prevents it from getting tangled.
  • They are heated in a device that you need to turn on to distribute heat evenly to all the rollers. You will also find clips in the box to tighten them so no strain of hair will escape even if you don’t sit still. The clips are one-size-fits-all so you can attach them to any of the roller sizes and they ensure a firm grip on the hair.
  • Brands like Conair and Remington offer high-end hot hair rollers sets with ceramic-infused technology that locks the moisture inside the hair to prevent split ends caused by high heat. It is great at transferring heat and creating lasting and voluptuous curls. BaByliss has designed titanium rollers that also conduct heat inside the hair without causing it any harm, for the best hair styling results.
  • The heat-up and the cooling time is essential in getting the desired curls. The ones you use should get hot in under a minute if you want to enjoy instant results and they should cool no sooner than 30 minutes if you want the curls to last. These aspects are influenced by the quality of the materials used to conduct the heat.

Now that you know your basics, it’s time to see how to use the hot hair rollers.

    • Step #1 Warm them up

You will have to plug in the heater that holds the hair rollers and press the On button. In under one or two minutes, all of them should be hot enough to put on. Hold them by the plastic head that is not hot so you will not hurt your fingers.

    • Step #2 Get your hair ready

Although you use quality curlers, your hair will need extra hair protection to make sure it will not be affected and for that, use a spray specially designed for heat protection. Never use hairspray before applying the rollers thinking that you will get a better result because the combination of hairspray and heat is damaging to the hair.

    • Step#3 Create hair sections

Divide the hair into 3 sections, a left, a right, and a middle, and take into account which size you use on each section. If you want volume, use the larger rollers on the top of the sections and the smaller ones on the bottom of the sections. In case you only want to style the ends, roll the hair midway and tease it at the roots. Take small sections of hair if you want the curls to be very defined and tight.

    • Step #4 Start rolling

Now it’s time to put the rollers on, starting with the front of each section. Roll the hair from the ends over the entire surface of the hair roller to make sure heat will reach all its length. When you get to the root, secure it with the clip found in the box.

    • Step #5 Let them cool

After all the hair has been rolled, you need to allow them to cool so the heat will do its part in curling each section. Don’t remove them before they have completely cooled off because you risk not getting the curls you expect. It should take around 30 minutes for the material to cool off. When you remove them, slowly unroll them and let the curls fall loose without pulling the hair.

    • Step #6 Fix the curls

Run your fingers through the curls to separate them and give them a more natural look. Set them in place using hairspray and enjoy your romantic and stylish curly hair.