Brown Hair Color Chart

If you want to dye your hair brown you should first take a look at the brown hair color chart and figure out which one will look best on you. Here we have for you the brown hair color chart from John Frieda. We are going to give you bellow all the brown shades available in the John Frieda chart along with the codes. Keep in mind that when you look at a hair color on the computer the monitor settings can affect the quality of the color.

The John Frieda chart for brown color:

• 6N Light Natural Brown
• 6G Light Golden Brown
• 6R Light Red Brown
• 5N Medium Natural Brown
• 5A Medium Ash Brown
• 5B Medium Chocolate Brown
• 5G Medium Golden Brown
• 5C Medium Copper Brown
• 5R Medium Red Brown
• 5RV Medium Burgundy
• 4N Dark Natural Brown
• 4BG Dark Chocolate Brown
• 4R Dark Red Brown
• 3N Deep Brown-Black
• 3VR Deep Cherry Brown
• 2A Luminous Blue Black

The L´Oreal cream color chart for the brown color:

• 6.41 Light Amber Brown
• 6.30 Light Golden Brown
• 6.13 Light Frosted Brown
• 6 Natural Light Brown
• 4 Natural Dark Brown
• 5.3 Golden Brown
• 3 Natura Darkest Brown
• 4.15 Dark Frosted Brown
• 4.3 Dark Golden Brown
• 4.35 Dark Caramel Brown
• 5.5 Mahogany Brown
• 5.6 Rich Auburn

The Clairol Nice and Easy chart for brown hair color:

• 120 Natural Dark Brown
• 112A Natural Dark Reddish Brown
• 120B Natural Dark Caramel Brown
• 121A Natural darkest Brown
• 118 Natural Medium Brown
• 117D Natural Medium Cool Brown
• 118A Natural Medium Neutral Brown
• 119B Medium Spice Natural Reddish Brown
• 118B Natural Medium Caramel Brown
• 117 Natural Medium Golden Brown
• 116 Natural Light Neutral Brown
• 114 Natural Light Ash Brown
• 119A Light Spice Natural Reddish Brown
• 116B Natural Light Caramel Brown
• 116A Natural Light Golden Brown
• 115A Natural Lighter Golden Brown

Now all you have to do is pick one brown hair color chart and pick the shade that fits your best. Make sure that you take into consideration your monitor settings which can alter the way you see a color.