Celebrity Hair Color Inspiration

Celebrities love style and look changes since they experience many during their career. The most common change of look is choosing a different hair color and some celebrities are true chameleons when it comes to assuming a new hair color, going from blonde to brunette or even trying on bold shades of red or green. Analyze the style and attitude of several celebrities who have tried on various hair colors and inspire from them if you want a new look.

Angelina Jolie

One celebrity who never stands back from experiencing new hair colors, especially for the sake of a role, is Angelina Jolie. She has gone from blonde to brown and even black during the past few years, and you must admit she is the lucky possessor of a flawless skin that embraces every hair color.


Rihanna has launched in her career with a quiet look and a black long hair, and started to experience many hair colors and styles. She had long hair, bob hair, curly hair, she even shaved half of her head, she had black, blonde or red hair, and she perfectly wore every hair color with style and grace, which turned her into a real style icon that can really be an inspiration.

Katty Perry

Katy Perry has accustomed everyone with her radical changes of hairstyle, going through all the rainbow’s colors. Recently she decided to dye her hair blue, which didn’t result to everyone’s taste and definitely hasn’t thrilled the fashion critics. However, she also used to wear natural and beautiful shades of honey blonde and even tried on blue black once, and she definitely looked stunning.

Lady Gaga

When you say Lady Gaga, you say bold and strange. The singer is a fan of shrill hair colors and has experienced almost every possible one, which brought her in the “Don’t” top more than once. Although she has shown boldness, not every hair color is suitable for a normal person who has to go to work, but you can definitely inspire from her if you want to turn heads.

Emma Stone

She is a talented actress who has assumed perfectly every hair color she adopted, from light blond to the sexy copper red she is now wearing. Having gorgeous blue eyes and a porcelain skin with cute freckles, no wonder she rocks any hair color.

Rachel McAddams

She started as an innocent blonde acting in teenage movies and has polished her image along the years, going from blonde to brown in natural ways that made her look very good.

The hair colors presented above are all trendy choices. Nevertheless, a trendy hair color is nothing if it is not accompanied by a stylish hairstyle. Visit www.allpromhairstyles.com in order to learn how to complement your hair color with simple yet stylish hairstyles.