Chestnut Hair Color

If your mother asked you to describe chestnut hair color, which would be the first shades that come into your mind? Would it be reddish or you would rather go for brown? Specialists define this color as a combination between the two of the shades mentioned above, as it has the brighter elements of these two.

Chestnut is a very distinctive color

Chestnut Hair color cannot even be mistaken with the standard brown, as it is not as dark, but the reddish tone is not appropriate to define it either. Not even auburn hair is close to this color, as its reddish tones are even more obvious within chestnut!

As there is a wide range of brown tones, many people think of chestnut hair color in a rather different color! This is due to their lack of knowledge and also as a consequence of the multitude of combinations that can be obtained after combining golden shades of brown with reddish dark tones. These results definitely do not match with the traditional chestnut hair color.

There is even an interesting connection between one person that chooses to have this hair died this way and the geographic area it lives in. However, chestnut hair color is said to be a very common and acceptable option for many people throughout the world, particularly for the women.

For example, in the UK and in Germany people prefer having blonde shades, whereas in Spain, France and Italy, the darker shades are more acceptable. It has a specific point in the way people see life in those areas, their vision about everything, the temperatures they have to cope with and the color of their skin as well.

Chestnut is one of the most popular hair colors in the world

As far as chestnut is concerned, it can be used in both of the situations, because it is placed somewhere in the middle. Some people even define it as a combination of black, reddish and golden tones, but our opinion is that the first definition is more suitable to what we see in this warm hair color.
Chestnut hair color is one of the most common tones mainly due to its balanced tones and its high level of adaptability, no matter the geographic area we are referring to. It is easy to adapt to almost every skin color and cultural characteristics. Nobody will ask you for explanations if your hair looks this way, as there is nothing out of common with your personal and inspired choice!