A Step by Step Guide to Curling Hair – How to Use Hot Rollers

Women have always considered bouncy and curly hair to be extremely appealing so they have always used their personal tricks to get big and voluptuous curls. There are many ways to style straight hair into waves or curls, from curling irons to using the hairbrush and hair dryer. One of the most attractive and efficient ways is to use hot rollers that diffuse heat to force the hair to remain in a curled position. The rollers are not only very easy to use but also provide a long-term result that out-passes other methods. However, the success is based on using them the right way so we give you a complete guide to preparing your hair and using hot rollers.

What are hot rollers?

It’s known that heat can make hair stay in a different position than its own shape because it modifies its structure and takes away the moisture that influences the type of hair. Rollers have been used for ages by women who wanted to style their hair for a later time. Regular rollers need to be put on moist hair and you can even leave them overnight to allow the hair to dry in that position. Stylists noticed that using the dryer to accelerate the drying process would create curls faster but the time and effort needed were considerably increased. This is how hot rollers were designed, a combination between regular rollers and a hair drying device that would fasten hair curling.

The biggest advantage is that you can have lasting curls in a fraction of the time needed for normal rollers to curl even the longest hair. They come in various sizes and, as you probably guessed, the bigger the diameter, the bigger the curls. If you have short hair or very fine hair, you will need the smallest version while long and coarse hair will look stunning on larger hot rollers. Make sure you purchase quality sets from reputable brands that also design other hair styling tools because this way, you will know you will not endanger the health and beauty of your hair. Getting those bouncy and lasting curls is a matter of knowing how to properly use the rollers so here is where to start.

Know what you buy

Not all rollers are equally qualitative and buying a poor set can offer disappointing results. This is why it’s important not to get stingy and invest in good products. Follow our tips to know what to buy.

  • The rollers come in sets of up to 20 pieces of two or three different sizes so you can use them for various hair lengths and types. The best ones are made of ceramic that is very delicate to the hair and protects it against heat damage. The soft velvet texture ensures a good grip on the hair and prevents it from getting tangled.
  • They are heated in a device that you need to turn on to distribute heat evenly to all the rollers. You will also find clips in the box to tighten them so no strain of hair will escape even if you don’t sit still. The clips are one-size-fits-all so you can attach them to any of the roller sizes and they ensure a firm grip on the hair.
  • Brands like Conair and Remington offer high-end hot hair rollers sets with ceramic-infused technology that locks the moisture inside the hair to prevent split ends caused by high heat. It is great at transferring heat and creating lasting and voluptuous curls. BaByliss has designed titanium rollers that also conduct heat inside the hair without causing it any harm, for the best hair styling results.
  • The heat-up and the cooling time is essential in getting the desired curls. The ones you use should get hot in under a minute if you want to enjoy instant results and they should cool no sooner than 30 minutes if you want the curls to last. These aspects are influenced by the quality of the materials used to conduct the heat.

Now that you know your basics, it’s time to see how to use the hot hair rollers.

    • Step #1 Warm them up

You will have to plug in the heater that holds the hair rollers and press the On button. In under one or two minutes, all of them should be hot enough to put on. Hold them by the plastic head that is not hot so you will not hurt your fingers.

    • Step #2 Get your hair ready

Although you use quality curlers, your hair will need extra hair protection to make sure it will not be affected and for that, use a spray specially designed for heat protection. Never use hairspray before applying the rollers thinking that you will get a better result because the combination of hairspray and heat is damaging to the hair.

    • Step#3 Create hair sections

Divide the hair into 3 sections, a left, a right, and a middle, and take into account which size you use on each section. If you want volume, use the larger rollers on the top of the sections and the smaller ones on the bottom of the sections. In case you only want to style the ends, roll the hair midway and tease it at the roots. Take small sections of hair if you want the curls to be very defined and tight.

    • Step #4 Start rolling

Now it’s time to put the rollers on, starting with the front of each section. Roll the hair from the ends over the entire surface of the hair roller to make sure heat will reach all its length. When you get to the root, secure it with the clip found in the box.

    • Step #5 Let them cool

After all the hair has been rolled, you need to allow them to cool so the heat will do its part in curling each section. Don’t remove them before they have completely cooled off because you risk not getting the curls you expect. It should take around 30 minutes for the material to cool off. When you remove them, slowly unroll them and let the curls fall loose without pulling the hair.

    • Step #6 Fix the curls

Run your fingers through the curls to separate them and give them a more natural look. Set them in place using hairspray and enjoy your romantic and stylish curly hair.

Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

One lighter version of brown is the dark ash blonde hair color, a combination between brown and yellow hues. This is a perfect alternative for people who can not pull off ash blonde. This version is darker but you still have to pay attention to your skin and pick the right tone. If you do not do this you can color your hair this way and look like a mess.

If you have fair skin and bright eyes then this color will look amazing on you. Also if you have an olive skin you will be able to pull it off. This color is for women who have bright eyes and cool skin tone. If you have darker eyes like brown or hazel then you should reconsider and pick another color for your hair.

When you dye your hair you should go to a specialist and let him do it because he sees the color of your hair and he knows what color combinations he has to do in order to achieve the color you want. Aside from this, he will also give you professional advice on how to take care of it and what products to use. You can also try something more daring with ash blonde, and follow Japanese fashion trends, where they like to combine natural hair colors with daring and dramatic highlights and streaks of color. The Japanese fashion trends are much more nonconformist than their Western counterparts, and we usually have straightforward guidelines to follow. In Japan, however, fashion is a lot more about personal choice and about how a person chooses to promote their individuality, their unique personality.

The best way to highlight the ash shades is to straighten your hair. Opt for one of the top rated flat irons which won’t damage your hair. Nowadays, thin flat irons are preferred since they can help you straighten your hair but they can also help you create wavy curls. The top rated models feature ceramic or tourmaline plates infused with titanium. When you dye your hair frequently, it is essential to care for it and to choose styling tools that won’t damage it.

You should know that dyeing your hair is just a part of it, the second part is taking care of it. For example, when you dye your hair dark ash blonde you should use products that will moisturize your hair. You can find them on the market and they do not cost very much. You should avoid staying in the sun long periods of time because the sun will discolor your hair. Also, during summer you should avoid going to the swimming pool because the chlorine in the water will make your color run but this is just for a few weeks after.

There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration with the dark ash blonde hair color because it is very needy. Like all blonde hair colors, you have to pay extra attention because if you do not you will see it immediately. Do not try to do it yourself or you will end up with a color that you can not get rid of for about six weeks. The salon is the perfect way to dye your hair, here the stylist knows how to do it and what kind of haircut will go with your new look.

Chestnut Hair Color

If your mother asked you to describe chestnut hair color, which would be the first shades that come into your mind? Would it be reddish or you would rather go for brown? Specialists define this color as a combination between the two of the shades mentioned above, as it has the brighter elements of these two.

Chestnut is a very distinctive color

Chestnut Hair color cannot even be mistaken with the standard brown, as it is not as dark, but the reddish tone is not appropriate to define it either. Not even auburn hair is close to this color, as its reddish tones are even more obvious within chestnut!

As there is a wide range of brown tones, many people think of chestnut hair color in a rather different color! This is due to their lack of knowledge and also as a consequence of the multitude of combinations that can be obtained after combining golden shades of brown with reddish dark tones. These results definitely do not match with the traditional chestnut hair color.

There is even an interesting connection between one person that chooses to have this hair died this way and the geographic area it lives in. However, chestnut hair color is said to be a very common and acceptable option for many people throughout the world, particularly for the women.

For example, in the UK and in Germany people prefer having blonde shades, whereas in Spain, France and Italy, the darker shades are more acceptable. It has a specific point in the way people see life in those areas, their vision about everything, the temperatures they have to cope with and the color of their skin as well.

Chestnut is one of the most popular hair colors in the world

As far as chestnut is concerned, it can be used in both of the situations, because it is placed somewhere in the middle. Some people even define it as a combination of black, reddish and golden tones, but our opinion is that the first definition is more suitable to what we see in this warm hair color.
Chestnut hair color is one of the most common tones mainly due to its balanced tones and its high level of adaptability, no matter the geographic area we are referring to. It is easy to adapt to almost every skin color and cultural characteristics. Nobody will ask you for explanations if your hair looks this way, as there is nothing out of common with your personal and inspired choice!

Medium Golden Brown Hair Color

A unique color that you can use on your hair is the medium golden brown hair color, it is a combination of yellow and brown. It looks amazing on people with fair skin but it goes with all skin tones too. The color is a mix between a lighter version of the medium blonde and copper. To get an idea on how the color look like we will tell you that it look like the sky when the sun is setting. This color is often seen on people coming from the US and the Western Europe.

If you have decided to dye your hair medium golden brown then you should go to a stylist and let him color your hair. He is the one who know what combination need to be done in order to achieve this color. If you do it at home you might find yourself damaging your hair. When you buy hair dye from the market the picture on the box shows a color that you will never be able to achieve in the comfort of your home, you might get close if you go to a salon. Another reason why you should go to the stylist is the color of your hair. If you have dark hair and you apply this color your hair will turn orange and you do not want that. The great thing about this hair color is that it looks good on almost anybody. Furthermore, it is also ideal for special occasions such as your wedding day. If you are planning on dieing your hair in a golden brown hair color on your wedding day there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. Your wedding checklists should take into account your choice of hair color. For example, the jewelry, the bouquet and even the shade of the dress should complement the hair color. However before including all these details in your wedding checklists make sure that you try out the color a couple of months in advance. Making a last minute change to your look before your wedding is never a good idea. Make sure that you look good with this hair color before choosing it for the most important day of your life.

The first thing that you should do is decide on the base color because from there you can darken or lighten the hair. After you have achieved your perfect look you need to take care of it. You need to shampoo and condition your hair in order to keep it looking shinny and healthy. Like all hair colors this one will fade with time which is why at some point you should go to the salon and color you hair again.

This is the medium golden hair color, a unique color that will make you stand out everywhere you go. It is best that you dye your hair this color during the warm season because it will look better. Just make sure that you do not stay too much in the sun and that you shampoo and condition it properly. Every woman should try this color at one point because it is vibrant and full of energy, just do not do it at home or you will damage your hair and have to cut it.

Brown Hair Color Chart

If you want to dye your hair brown you should first take a look at the brown hair color chart and figure out which one will look best on you. Here we have for you the brown hair color chart from John Frieda. We are going to give you bellow all the brown shades available in the John Frieda chart along with the codes. Keep in mind that when you look at a hair color on the computer the monitor settings can affect the quality of the color.

The John Frieda chart for brown color:

• 6N Light Natural Brown
• 6G Light Golden Brown
• 6R Light Red Brown
• 5N Medium Natural Brown
• 5A Medium Ash Brown
• 5B Medium Chocolate Brown
• 5G Medium Golden Brown
• 5C Medium Copper Brown
• 5R Medium Red Brown
• 5RV Medium Burgundy
• 4N Dark Natural Brown
• 4BG Dark Chocolate Brown
• 4R Dark Red Brown
• 3N Deep Brown-Black
• 3VR Deep Cherry Brown
• 2A Luminous Blue Black

The L´Oreal cream color chart for the brown color:

• 6.41 Light Amber Brown
• 6.30 Light Golden Brown
• 6.13 Light Frosted Brown
• 6 Natural Light Brown
• 4 Natural Dark Brown
• 5.3 Golden Brown
• 3 Natura Darkest Brown
• 4.15 Dark Frosted Brown
• 4.3 Dark Golden Brown
• 4.35 Dark Caramel Brown
• 5.5 Mahogany Brown
• 5.6 Rich Auburn

The Clairol Nice and Easy chart for brown hair color:

• 120 Natural Dark Brown
• 112A Natural Dark Reddish Brown
• 120B Natural Dark Caramel Brown
• 121A Natural darkest Brown
• 118 Natural Medium Brown
• 117D Natural Medium Cool Brown
• 118A Natural Medium Neutral Brown
• 119B Medium Spice Natural Reddish Brown
• 118B Natural Medium Caramel Brown
• 117 Natural Medium Golden Brown
• 116 Natural Light Neutral Brown
• 114 Natural Light Ash Brown
• 119A Light Spice Natural Reddish Brown
• 116B Natural Light Caramel Brown
• 116A Natural Light Golden Brown
• 115A Natural Lighter Golden Brown

Now all you have to do is pick one brown hair color chart and pick the shade that fits your best. Make sure that you take into consideration your monitor settings which can alter the way you see a color.

Is Coloring Your Hair Tips Still in Style?

Coloring your hair tips is one of the most versatile ways of adding something new to your appearance without making a dramatic change. The thing about coloring only the tips of the hair is that while you actually add color to the hair, the color does not frame your face. Therefore, you don’t really have to match the new hair color to your skin tone. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind if you wish to color your hair this way and still abide by the latest trends.

The main trends which involve coloring your hair tips

  • Dip Dying

This hair coloring trend is no longer in style. It originated more than a decade ago and it was a big part of the punk movement. Rebel teenager nowadays still use this hair coloring method from time to time but this doesn’t make this trend acceptable in this year’s fashion. Basically, it involves dipping your hair tips in hair color without using a particular technique and without putting to much effort in blending the hair color with the rest of the hair.

  • Ombre

The ombre style is probably the most powerful of all hair coloring trends. Basically, it involves choosing a hair color which complements your natural color and integrating it into the tips of your hair in a very subtle way. This technique involves using a brush in order to blend the new hair color of the hair tips in the rest of the hair. As trendy as it may look, the ombre trend has also fallen out of style.

  • Sombre

Basically, the sombre trend was made popular by celebrities who just couldn’t bring themselves to giving up the ombre trend despite the designers’ advice. Simply put, the sombre is a more subtle version of the ombre.

  • Balayage

If you want to be up to date with the latest hair coloring trends, the balayage is the way to go. This hair coloring trend is a mixture between low lights and the sombre style. Basically, you start by subtly putting some hair color into your hair tips which you must blend upwards in the rest of the hair. You can even go as far as framing your face with some highlights, featuring the same shade as your low lights.

What colors to choose

As we mentioned above, when you color the tips of your hair, you don’t necessarily need to pick a hair color which complements you skin tone. However, you do need to pick a hair color which complements your natural hair color. For example, brunette shades go great with monogamy or with auburn shades. Dark brown hair colors go great with strawberry blonde or with honey shades. Light brown hair colors go perfectly with honey shades. Basically, in order to obtain a good result, you hair tips must feature a hair color several times lighter than your natural hair color or the hair color that you have in the rest of your hair. The only exception is blonde hair where darker shades such as strawberry blonde and light brown can successfully be used for the tips.

Rihanna Hair Color Ideas for a Rebel Look

Although she started out like an innocent teenager, Rihanna slowly built her image as a powerful woman with an unquestionable rebel attitude. One of the most influential factors which defines her image is her hair, particularly her daring hair colors. If you too want to achieve such a look, you will have to forget all about subtle hair color ideas and dare for a more dramatic look change. Here are some Rihanna hair color ideas that might inspire you to try a rebel attitude.

Ruby Red

This is probably the most difficult to wear Rihanna hair color. For starters, this hair color doesn’t work for women with very light skin nor does it work for women with very dark skin. If you do have light skin and you insist on trying this hair color, you should also invest in a orangish blush in order to bring some balance to your overall look. Women with very dark skin should use some highlighting foundation if they plan on wearing a flaming red hair color.

Fiery Red

Fiery red is not exactly one of the most daring Rihanna hair color ideas. In fact, this hair color was very popular last year. However, when you have brown skin, this hair color can be very tricky. Women with brown skin who want to try this hair color should try some tanning powder so that there isn’t too much contrast between the skin and the hair. On the other hand, women with light skin will look amazing with this hair color, especially if they have blue or green eyes.


Bright copper is also a very common hair color. However, Rihanna put her personal touch on this hair color with some dark roots. Now i know what you are thinking: we are constantly trying to hide our dark roots and Rihanna just puts them out there, looking flawless and fabulous as always. Well, that’s just one of the perks of being a celebrity: people want to mimic even your fashion mistakes.

Bright Red

This hair color suits most types of people yet it does require a lot of makeup in order to look good. The brightness of the red can cause one’s face to look rather dull when no makeup is involved. Therefore, if you plan on wearing this hair color, make sure to contour your eyes at all times. As far as lipstick goes, avoid shades in the same color as the hair and choose either lighter or darker lipstick shades.

Celebrity Hair Color Inspiration

Celebrities love style and look changes since they experience many during their career. The most common change of look is choosing a different hair color and some celebrities are true chameleons when it comes to assuming a new hair color, going from blonde to brunette or even trying on bold shades of red or green. Analyze the style and attitude of several celebrities who have tried on various hair colors and inspire from them if you want a new look.

Angelina Jolie

One celebrity who never stands back from experiencing new hair colors, especially for the sake of a role, is Angelina Jolie. She has gone from blonde to brown and even black during the past few years, and you must admit she is the lucky possessor of a flawless skin that embraces every hair color.


Rihanna has launched in her career with a quiet look and a black long hair, and started to experience many hair colors and styles. She had long hair, bob hair, curly hair, she even shaved half of her head, she had black, blonde or red hair, and she perfectly wore every hair color with style and grace, which turned her into a real style icon that can really be an inspiration.

Katty Perry

Katy Perry has accustomed everyone with her radical changes of hairstyle, going through all the rainbow’s colors. Recently she decided to dye her hair blue, which didn’t result to everyone’s taste and definitely hasn’t thrilled the fashion critics. However, she also used to wear natural and beautiful shades of honey blonde and even tried on blue black once, and she definitely looked stunning.

Lady Gaga

When you say Lady Gaga, you say bold and strange. The singer is a fan of shrill hair colors and has experienced almost every possible one, which brought her in the “Don’t” top more than once. Although she has shown boldness, not every hair color is suitable for a normal person who has to go to work, but you can definitely inspire from her if you want to turn heads.

Emma Stone

She is a talented actress who has assumed perfectly every hair color she adopted, from light blond to the sexy copper red she is now wearing. Having gorgeous blue eyes and a porcelain skin with cute freckles, no wonder she rocks any hair color.

Rachel McAddams

She started as an innocent blonde acting in teenage movies and has polished her image along the years, going from blonde to brown in natural ways that made her look very good.

The hair colors presented above are all trendy choices. Nevertheless, a trendy hair color is nothing if it is not accompanied by a stylish hairstyle. Visit www.allpromhairstyles.com in order to learn how to complement your hair color with simple yet stylish hairstyles.

2015 Hair Color Trends

Finding the perfect color for your hair can help you highlight your best features, making you look more beautiful than ever. For example, if your eyes are green, you can compliment them by using a dark color to dye your hair, and if they are black, you should consider blonde as a way to make their beautiful, mysterious color more obvious. Blue eyes can look stunning when they are surrounded by red hair, so the rules that you need to follow are simple. Still, there are many shades of blonde, brown and red that you can choose between. In order to ensure that you will make the best choice, we present you the 2015 hair color trends.

Blonde hair with caramel highlights

Blonde remains one of the most popular colors among women’s choices, which is why hairstylists have included new shades and nuances in their presentations. Caramel infused with gold is a combination that can add a warm touch to a woman’s appearance, softening her look and making her look more glamorous. So, we advise you to use undertones of blonde, red and brown for your next makeover, because that will help you make a style statement that will draw everyone’s admiration. The greatest advantage of choosing caramel blonde for your hair color is that all the different shades of color will add more texture and volume to your hair, making it look fuller and thicker.

Red hair highlights

Redhead women look very exotic and adorable, but not everyone is lucky enough to be born with natural red hair. If you find yourself in the same situation, we advise you to follow one of the latest 2015 hair color trends, and dye your hair using both natural and bold shades of red. Furthermore, gold and rose tones of red are very popular at this moment, so they can work miracles for someone who wants to change her image and achieve a modern look.

Pastel hair colors

The most popular 2015 hair color trends encourage pastel hues like pink, purple, green and blue to break the monotony of a boring hairdo. So, if you want to achieve the same look that celebrities have, you should direct your attention towards beautiful, pale colors that can make a big difference in your aspect. We recommend those who want to create a unique aspect to go for block coloring, as there are many interesting shades that can make regular people feel like they are on the red carpet. Mermaid blue and pastel pink promise to be the most popular hair colors this year.

How to Deal with a Bad Hair Color

When hair color disasters happen, it is always best to know the steps you can take, to fix the situation as soon as possible. Whether you have chosen to dye your hair yourself or you went to a salon and asked a professional to do it, sometimes, the hair dye can react differently than expected and create a completely different color. Maybe you wanted your hair to be blonde and you ended up with an orange, or you wanted your hair to be a warm brown and it turned up red, there are several steps that you can take in order to remove the color as soon as possible.

Cut your hair to get rid of the bad color, but also to allow it to regenerate

Many women are tempted to repaint their hair immediately, but that could degrade it considerably. Of course, for women who wear their hair very short, the old-fashioned alternative of cutting it and letting it grow might the preferable solution. The best electric shavers on the market offer a perfect cut and allow your hair to regenerate in a timely fashion. While many women might consider this an extreme measure, by cutting their hair they will offer it the chance to regrow again much stronger. Everyone knows how it feels like to have damaged hair. It is frail, it tangles a lot and no matter how many products you use, split ends will not magically stick together again. So ultimately, cutting it might be the best solution one could hope for. The best electric shavers on the market are very easy to use and will allow your hair to regain its health and make it suitable for dying once again.

Dye your hair only after following some basic rules

If you do not want to cut your hair, you can try a few other alternatives. The first thing you need to do is buy a hair mask for colored hair and use it every time you wash it. This will allow it to regenerate in a shorter time and thus be able to repaint it as soon as possible. Even though being seen in public with the wrong hair color is every woman’s nightmare, when this happens to you, it is best to let your hair regenerate for two weeks and not repaint it immediately. Try masking your hair with various scarves, hats and other things that will draw the attention off your hair.


To conclude, the next time you have a bad hair color incident, there are a few things that can be done. Whether you choose to wait a little, treat your hair and then repaint it or you choose the more radical alternative of cutting it altogether, you need to remember that this situation will pass and in a very short time you will not even remember it. In order to avoid these situations, do a little research before coloring your hair. Do some research online if you want to learn a few tips that will teach you how to get the right hair color from the start. On professional websites, you will also discover the latest hair color trends and numerous other advice regarding hair colors.

Hair Color Help

Every time you are seeking for hair color help, it means that you are tired of your hair color and you want to change it. Before you start dying your hair on your own you should know that there are a lot of things that you have to be careful of, it is not as simple as it looks. In this article we have gathered some useful tricks from our favorite fashion blog, http://checkmyhaircuts.com. We help that these tips will help you achieve a fabulous hair color while also saving the money that you would have normally spent at a hair salon.

Natural hair color

If you look at your hair’s natural color you will see that every strand has a progression of color. If you look closely you may notice that the color of your hair is uneven. You can solve this problem with a little hair color.

Hair color types

There are two different types of hair color: permanent and semi-permanent. If you use a permanent hair color you should first consult a stylist because the color will remain in your hair for at least a few of months. Or better yet, you should do it in a salon just to avoid any mistakes.

The semi permanent hair color is a good option for those who want to color their hair at hope or for novice stylists. The color remains in the hair about six weeks after which it washes off.

Before you apply the entire color into your hair do a test. Take a strand of hair and apply the color. If you like the result then you can apply the hair color on the rest of your hair. This way you can also see if you need to make the color lighter or darker. These are all good solutions in case of hair color mistakes, but if the hair has been damaged as well, burned by prolonged exposure to chemicals, treatments, dyes and styling, then perhaps it would be time to cut it shorter and allow it to regenerate. A lot of short hairstyles for women are just as attractive and sensual as long hair, and a short haircut might even give you the courage to try something bolder, something you’ve never tried before.

The test should always be done on natural hair

Before you dye your hair you should look at it add see the condition of it. If the hair is too dry or if it has frizz then the color will be uneven and you will damage your hair for good.

Every time you need hair color help the best place to go to is the salon. The stylist is the one who can tell you what color or shade will look good on you and which one will not, if you need a special treatment before you color it and what type of hair color will work for your hair. Listen carefully to these advices and stick to them because they will determine the success of your hair color. However, if you can’t afford the luxury of going to a hair salon, you can still have beautiful hair. Just research the best fashion blogs for hair dyeing tips and natural hair remedies. With a little determination and the proper tutorials, you can have gorgeous hair without having to spend too much money.

The Dangers of Dying Your Eyelashes

Women who decide to tint their lashes make the mistake of believing that this lash enhancing technique is just as easy as dying your hair. Those who undergo these types of procedures are women with blond, spare, or short eyelashes. However, not having the long, luscious eaves that others have should not rush you into making a bad decision, because there are many ways to mess up, and make your lashes even more thin than they were before. Here are the dangers of dying your eyelashes.

Why shouldn’t you tint your eyelashes?

The biggest worry that specialists have regarding using dye to enhance the eyelashes is referring to blindness. Despite what beauty salons administrators are claiming, there are no such things as coloring agents, or color additives for improving the aspect of the lashes. Furthermore, there hasn’t been found a natural formula for tinting eyelashes yet, so all dyes contain dangerous chemicals for the eyes. Another important aspect that you should know is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration never approved the use of hair dyes for enhancing lashes. So, this is the type of information that should get you thinking about the risks that you expose to by tinting your eaves.

The adverse reactions of dying your lashes

Since there isn’t a natural or organic eyelash dye on the market, the adverse reactions of tinting your lashes with hair dye are plenty. Although professionals from beauty salons might encourage you to use this enhancing technique, they can not assure you that you won’t suffer any side effects, because they can’t possibly know how every person reacts to a certain beauty product. Among the most serious allergic reactions that this practice causes we can find eye irritations, inflammations and infections. However, the greatest danger of dying your lashes is blindness.

A safer way to longer, luscious lashes

The only safe method to highlight your lashes and make them more prominent is to use an eyelash growth serum. You can also use mascara, but in time, using this type of cosmetic can damage your eaves, causing them to dry and fall out. Plus, if you are searching for longer-lasting results, an eyelash growth serum is the best solution for making your lashes fuller and more voluminous. Therefore, we advise you read some reviews, find a good product and consistently use an eyelash growth serum that will help you improve your look without causing any side effects.