How to Deal with a Bad Hair Color

When hair color disasters happen, it is always best to know the steps you can take, to fix the situation as soon as possible. Whether you have chosen to dye your hair yourself or you went to a salon and asked a professional to do it, sometimes, the hair dye can react differently than expected and create a completely different color. Maybe you wanted your hair to be blonde and you ended up with an orange, or you wanted your hair to be a warm brown and it turned up red, there are several steps that you can take in order to remove the color as soon as possible.

Cut your hair to get rid of the bad color, but also to allow it to regenerate

Many women are tempted to repaint their hair immediately, but that could degrade it considerably. Of course, for women who wear their hair very short, the old-fashioned alternative of cutting it and letting it grow might the preferable solution. The best electric shavers on the market offer a perfect cut and allow your hair to regenerate in a timely fashion. While many women might consider this an extreme measure, by cutting their hair they will offer it the chance to regrow again much stronger. Everyone knows how it feels like to have damaged hair. It is frail, it tangles a lot and no matter how many products you use, split ends will not magically stick together again. So ultimately, cutting it might be the best solution one could hope for. The best electric shavers on the market are very easy to use and will allow your hair to regain its health and make it suitable for dying once again.

Dye your hair only after following some basic rules

If you do not want to cut your hair, you can try a few other alternatives. The first thing you need to do is buy a hair mask for colored hair and use it every time you wash it. This will allow it to regenerate in a shorter time and thus be able to repaint it as soon as possible. Even though being seen in public with the wrong hair color is every woman’s nightmare, when this happens to you, it is best to let your hair regenerate for two weeks and not repaint it immediately. Try masking your hair with various scarves, hats and other things that will draw the attention off your hair.


To conclude, the next time you have a bad hair color incident, there are a few things that can be done. Whether you choose to wait a little, treat your hair and then repaint it or you choose the more radical alternative of cutting it altogether, you need to remember that this situation will pass and in a very short time you will not even remember it. In order to avoid these situations, do a little research before coloring your hair. Do some research online if you want to learn a few tips that will teach you how to get the right hair color from the start. On professional websites, you will also discover the latest hair color trends and numerous other advice regarding hair colors.