Is Coloring Your Hair Tips Still in Style?

Coloring your hair tips is one of the most versatile ways of adding something new to your appearance without making a dramatic change. The thing about coloring only the tips of the hair is that while you actually add color to the hair, the color does not frame your face. Therefore, you don’t really have to match the new hair color to your skin tone. However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind if you wish to color your hair this way and still abide by the latest trends.

The main trends which involve coloring your hair tips

  • Dip Dying

This hair coloring trend is no longer in style. It originated more than a decade ago and it was a big part of the punk movement. Rebel teenager nowadays still use this hair coloring method from time to time but this doesn’t make this trend acceptable in this year’s fashion. Basically, it involves dipping your hair tips in hair color without using a particular technique and without putting to much effort in blending the hair color with the rest of the hair.

  • Ombre

The ombre style is probably the most powerful of all hair coloring trends. Basically, it involves choosing a hair color which complements your natural color and integrating it into the tips of your hair in a very subtle way. This technique involves using a brush in order to blend the new hair color of the hair tips in the rest of the hair. As trendy as it may look, the ombre trend has also fallen out of style.

  • Sombre

Basically, the sombre trend was made popular by celebrities who just couldn’t bring themselves to giving up the ombre trend despite the designers’ advice. Simply put, the sombre is a more subtle version of the ombre.

  • Balayage

If you want to be up to date with the latest hair coloring trends, the balayage is the way to go. This hair coloring trend is a mixture between low lights and the sombre style. Basically, you start by subtly putting some hair color into your hair tips which you must blend upwards in the rest of the hair. You can even go as far as framing your face with some highlights, featuring the same shade as your low lights.

What colors to choose

As we mentioned above, when you color the tips of your hair, you don’t necessarily need to pick a hair color which complements you skin tone. However, you do need to pick a hair color which complements your natural hair color. For example, brunette shades go great with monogamy or with auburn shades. Dark brown hair colors go great with strawberry blonde or with honey shades. Light brown hair colors go perfectly with honey shades. Basically, in order to obtain a good result, you hair tips must feature a hair color several times lighter than your natural hair color or the hair color that you have in the rest of your hair. The only exception is blonde hair where darker shades such as strawberry blonde and light brown can successfully be used for the tips.